Because they Need You !

Indian-parents-reading-w-child-300x199 seniors

They NEED YOU indeed

Their wrinkled faces with marks and bruises,with each line depicting its own story

Their Helpless eyes sunk deep enough within their flattened cheeks,still set in the search of Something or Someone,with
the eyelids closing periodically

Their not so healthy bodies lurching in the wheel chairs

Their weak and thin Hands with each vein transparently visible

Their grey white coloured hair, irregularly oriented over their ears and forehead,some coming even to their noses and cheeks

Their framed spectacle,appealing as if it is the only asset they possess

Their dry lips,as if they have not experienced the water droplets for years,half folded inside the only few teeths in their mouth.

Their eyebrows contract upwards with every moment they try to look at you

Just give them a smiling glance and they forget themselves, Their Eyes brighten up,Their cheeks start blushing with Joy, The only teeth in their Mouth is clearly visible as they smile with their lips apart, They Live the moment with all Happiness,Enthusiasm and Joy,Their world is rejuvenated with the flowers of Happiness.

Let them smile,Let them live their Lives some more!!
And Tell Yourselves that THEY NEED YOU INDEED!!!

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