Delhi Darshan : Paharganj!

51383706 New Delhi


With the beams of Sunlight filtering through the shimmering canopy over the concrete lanes, the ambience is made up by the aroma of Flowers, Food and Fragrances.

Towards my right,is the famous ” Mashhoor Paneer Waale Chhole Bhature” followed by a tagline illustrating its monopoly over the Paharganj Market or in a broader sense, all over Delhi!

The daily commuters,and amidst them a few amateur tourists, are busy collecting plates and their respective ‘Bhature’ from a ‘Not so hygenic’ looking Counter,populated by three men,darkedned by the immense heat they had been accumulating for the past 50 Years or so.

Moving on, a series of Restaurants pave our way to the Hotel lane. You literally have to hold yourself,or else you shall be dragged to these  restaurants,No matter how hard you try to cope up with them.

Following the Food lane, was instilled a corridor , containing Hotels and Lodges,tariffs being completely in your Budget; which in turn house small shops with glassed walls, claiming their monopoly over the travel Industry of India! It says ” Ticket Confirm karaye, Air Ticket,Tatkal Ticket, starting @ 999 ” , except for the “*” mark that would be visible on Large Hordings.

There are People,and People and yet more.

To cross the same safely, you must be Sturdy enough to evacuate your locus through the arrayed streets and Markets.

The Market and the independent Rehris sprawl over a large area, most of them ,selling anything that you try to imagine, and at prices that are either much above or much less than your expectations; obviously depending upon you Bargaining Skills and Adjustments!

You can find “Banarasi Pan Bhandaar “,wherein they provide beetal leaves,stuffed with typical Indian essence,beetal Nuts,Mouth Freshner, mint extracts, sweetner, and a small piece of cherry; which will be enough to melt into your mouth and give you a sensation like Never Experienced before!

and it all comes for a decent price of Ten bucks!

As the noon approaches, the heat intensity increases to extent,enough to compell you to carry yourself to the Airconditioned Restaurants lined up near RamNagar. Two purposes are already served once you spend an hour or so in these, one The Heat,secondly, Rest to your feets.

The evenings are even more colourful,when the lanes studded with dotted Multicoloured bulbs mark their magnificence,illuminating the dusty streets. The Shopoholics would find themselves at the right place.You would seem to get confused and a bit amused at the Variety being offered. You’ve got to make the way out for yourself. The Sounds are no less. A small FM Radio,kept over a wooden plank,attached to the wall of the wooden shop  is utilized to its maximum,using Speakers with extra bass and treble. If you are accustomed to Soft Music,I guess,You’ve to struggle really hard, to make out the correct song from a dozen songs being played simultaneously,from the music lovers!

A Large nearly flat open container stores nearly fifty litres of Extra Creamy Milk ,which are served with a frothy appearance,tickling your taste buds to have the same quickly, But Wait! This is to be careful, or else your taste buds will be violently burnt,owing to the huge amount of Latent heat it has accumulated over the periods of Heating and Reheating.

Beware of each an every person,that you would come across,as they could literally,grab you and pressurize you enough to pay for a Hotel Room, that you may not be in need of even!

The Nights never pours down,its upto you,at what time you say Yourself Good Night !

The place never sleeps,rather you would have to !

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