Good Morning


When The very first ray of the Sun illuminates the Earth
When the chirping of birds creates an atmosphere enough to completely mesmerize your senses
When the Flowers bloom with a fresh enthusiasm and New Twigs rejuvenate with joy and excitement
When the airy pathways of the Birds is enlightened by the scattered light across the Canvas of the mighty blue sky with the clouds giving a misty appearance
When the Atmosphere is glorified with the aroma of flowers amidst the Divine chants in the temples

When the Young minds with Strong Determination and Infinite spirits to shape up their Lives,with the blessings of Almighty and their Parents,as their Pathfinders; proceed towards their Schools,their Temple of Learning
When the farmers along with their pair of bullocks, and their indomitable spirits to feed the Nation,proceed towards the fields
When the drivers greet their Vehicles,their source of Livelihood before starting their Day
When the day is bright enough to make you forget all the worries and proceed on the Glittering path towards a Vibrant and Successful future.

When its Morning,
Its a new Beginning, A New Blessing,A new Hope
Its a perfect day because its GOD’S Gift.
Have a blessed,Hopeful,Perfect day to begin With.

Keep smiling 🙂

Incredible Pie

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