Sneak Peek !

P6210097 nat-lab_02

I did not know what or why it was, but I really loved to sneak peek through the glass bottles of the Chemical Reagents, to get her smiling glance. I loved it when, she laughed even at my ‘not so funny’ jokes. I loved it, when her curly hairs slung along her perfectly Shaped ears,and she made all possible cute attempts to twirl it around her fingers,as if thinking something really important.
I loved her specs, the way they magnified her beautiful eyes,adding a small amount glossy appearance, which can only be described by saying that She was definitely, “SUREELI ANKHIYON WAALE “.
I loved the way her pretty fingers transferred the reagents, carefully, accurately, her deep involvement into the work assigned. She was so innocent, So Calm, So Sweet. Her voice and laughs gave me goosebumps and the heart started jumping when she addressed me, “Please Give me the Bottle of Sulphuric Acid “.
I could say nothing. I was speechless. But these were probably the first Conversations between us. “She looked Gorgeous”,this was all my mind could say!!
“Is this Love?”, was all my soul could inquire about!!

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