The Pink Gloves

8967166722078  A shoemaker setup his workplace by roadside with an umbrella for shade from the Sun, Virudhunagar, India

“Baba Baba, 10 Rupay do naaa…”,a small Kid bearing a combo of smile and necessity on his face, his dusty hands spread apart, his little slender fingers shivering in the cold, asked his father. His father was clothed in rugged jacket, a partially interwoven Muffler shaped, Gamchaa,wrapped around his neck,with one of the hands inside the shoe,and the another one busy brushing the shoes to perfect dazzling finish. Brushing the shoes He asked,” Kyaa lena hai Betaa..”.
The Kid pointed towards a beautiful pair of pink coloured hand gloves,with cute floral designs embedded on it.

The Man looked out for the money in the pocket of his jacket and after 39 seconds of dedicated Search efforts, he managed to find a ten rupee note and handed over the same into the hands of the Kid.

The eyes were illuminated, the wheatish skin was sparkling with joy, tickeling nervous senses spread across from head to toe of the child.

He handed over the note to another man,who gave him the gloves. The kid rejoiced with excitement and vigour. within fraction of seconds,he managed to put his little hands into the gloves.


Happier was his father and his Mother,to see the kid smile.

This mere acquaintance is worth teaching million intricacies of Life,that are generally learned over a life time.


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