Those were the days….

4177513370_c2ff04c595 Richie-Rich1

“Those were the days…”, quiet often do we discover ourselves introspecting into past. A ‘past’ which was ‘present’ at that moment. The things used to be different from what they are today. Some of the things were better yesterday, some are better today. ‘Then ‘ & ‘Now’ ,much of the things have changed.

There were no cellphones, but the bonds among families were stronger.

There were no Computers, but there were many friends to play along with.

There were no Credit/Debit Cards , but the 1 Rupee coin given along with the 10 Rupee Note ,added to one’s dignity.

There were limited TV Channels,but the AIR Broadcast and Vividh Bharati, DD1 & DD Metro played a very important role in our lives.

“Sandheshe Aate the, Hame Tadpaatey the”,pretty touching,isn’t it.?
Skype,hike,viber,Whatsapp and Many more; but what about Emotions?? Do they really exist?

Find a small fraction of Time from your busy schedules, and obviously, dont forget to ..ADD EMOTIONS TO YOUR whatsapp & fb CONTACTS..



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