Hey there!

internet access, keyboard virtualworld

Hey there! Yes You. I am talking to you. What are you upto? 

Seem to be very busy in the virtual world.Isn’t it ?
Well,just a moment, while you’re reading this post,spare a few seconds to look around yourself. Are you surrounded by techy gadgets,earphones,mobile chargers,Laptop, if yes,then you are definitely sailing around the virtual ocean,unaware of every real happening around yourself. Why? Because we are probably too addicted to the virtual world, to care about the Actual Real world around us. I may be no exception to this.

Perhaps,we have become really dependent on the virtual world.

Perhaps , we find hard to spare a few minutes talking to our parents,and rather spend hours on messengers and Social Networking Sites.

Perhaps,our relationships are just limited to texts and pics,likes ,comments and shares.

Perhaps,our emotions are overtook by smiley faces and emoticons.

Perhaps, our distances have minimised to such an extent that,we find it hard to visualize them properly.

Perhaps, we need to become more real ! Time to think and Act.


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