“The” Mother Speaks!

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” I had you 9 months inside my womb,nurturing you from a cell to an embryo, from embryo to a foetus,from a foetus to a baby.Every moment when I felt your little kick, It meant the world to me. A new creation was within me, A new world was within me, it made me forget all the pains,comforting myself with Childish Eagerness and Imaginations, I laid my troubles aside. and After these long 9 months, when you came into our lives,the feeling could not be explained in words. A new Life came into our lives. They say that “A woman is re-incarnated when she gives birth to her child.”

I could experience the same.
A woman turned into a mother.
I held your hand, and gradually you started walking laying your small steps on the floor,with care and precision,
You went to school.
You went to College.
You made us Happy and Contented,moreover Increased our Joy exponentially when you topped the School and College.
You got a Job,and made our efforts successful and turned our dreams into reality.
You got married, and made our Lives Successful.
You handled all your responsibilities, with enough maturity and Patience as desired,as its obvious new Responsibilities come up with new strength. They say, ” With Great Power, comes Greater Responsibility “

Meanwhile,I was the same.A daily routine awaited me every morning.
Tea. Breakfast.Lunch.Evening Snacks.Dinner. and the day is done.
Amidst these, I helped you with your lessons. I boosted up you morale whenever you felt low. I was there for you when you had to face the ‘ No So Good ‘ people of the world. I made you a warrior to fight with the world,not with swords or axes, but with Pen and Paper.
I made you learn how to manage your time,not just during exams but for the entire lifetime.
I made you your mouthwatering delicacies, even if I was on fast.
I made you sleep, In the cool air of the handfan; even if I perspired, during Summer days,when there were power cuts.
I washed your clothes, I kept you books and shelves neat and tidy. I did whatever, my mother did for me. I taught , whatever my Parents taught me, and some of my experiences learnt over lifetime. “

“Today, We are Old.
We are weak. We need Strength. We need you to boost up our morale. We need you to stand by us. We need you to listen to our words. We need you to call us up everyday and Ask about our well being. We need you to talk to us. We need you to assure us of Care and Love.
We need you to listen to our sweet scoldings.
We need you to Be What we had once been.
We need you to bear with our mistakes, our over possessive behaviour, our over protective attitude, our extra caring habit!
We are sorry if that causes any trouble to you, but We are your ‘Parents’.
We still want to know what did you have for your Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner.
We still want to know what clothes are you dressed in , so that We may assure ourselves, ” Hmara Bachcha to smart lag rha hogaa!”.
We still want to know your activities throughout the day.
We still want to know your moments of sorrow and Joy, so that we can help and support you and Rejoice and Enjoy,
We still want to know your moments of Success and Achievements.
May Be , I seem to be crazy. But I am your Mother. and You know
“Maa is Maa afterall.”

Our Heart says that you shall always be there for us.
Love You Kids! We are proud of you, You are our dreams turned into reality.”


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