Delhi Darshan : Old Delhi( Though Pretty Juvenile)

chandni  delhi3


The Instances of Delhi in Bollywood movies ,be it in Imtiaz Ali’ s Love Aaj Kal or Akshay  Kumar’s Chandni Chowk to China, or Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra’s Delhi 6, or be it the  tale illustrating the dark side and the oscillating mindset of a youth in the movie B A PASS; come alive when you stand amidst the sprawling magnificence of Old Delhi. From the Gol Gappe to the Imarati and Jalebi , to the extra Sensuous Biryanis, From Bangles to the Flower Bouquet , From Red Fort to Jama Masjid, From the aroma of flowers to the extra complicated Electrical Instruments; all of them owe their existence to the lanes of Delhi 6.


People at every instance will try to convince you that you’re amidst the Dilli Walas ,through which they project   & prove that they’re Dilwaalas (People With Big Hearts!).

Though recreated, in the aforesaid movies, the true magnificence of Chandni Chowk and Delhi 6 , is visible only when you set yourselves on foot and travel down the lanes of Old Delhi. Its Called Old, only because, they’ve created a more recent and beautifully carved Delhi, popularly known as Lutyen’s Delhi. However, it is the Old Delhi, which marks the Architectural Interests and the Masterpiece by talented workers, created then, the Forts, Palaces, Minarets, and Many such Ancient buildings, which signify the traditional values of India, even Today.

Numerous streets, welcome you with both hands apart, each step in these ‘Gullies ‘ will be the reason for a new experience.

While you will be really blown up, by the countless series of Shops, lined with fabrics, Worked Dresses, Sarees, Bangles


, and everything that can come to your mind; You will not find yourselves at ease when you visualize the drenched souls, living a life, only for the sake of living! There’s no hope visible on their faces, there are no destinations that their eyes can suggest, there is no pity, but only an urge by some physically unsatisfied people, to satisfy their hunger, which may not be possible many a times!


People craving to satisfy their physical needs/greed/obsession, whatever they may call it, mark their presence, which is further a need for the Women, who satisfy them. They earn their Breads, by keeping such men happy.

Moving on, You can observe a number of Architectural & Engineering Masterpieces, not because they’ve housed the most powerful rulers of their times, but because of their Structural Excellence, be it in their beauty or their strength, over the years.

If you are here, you definitely will find it an awesome place for a shopping spree.

From Jewelleries and Ear Rings, From Bangles to Anklets , From Bracelets to perfectly carved necklaces ,You will find it all.

That to make it yours,  is the only choice that your Mind will be populated with.

A Small Miniature and Artistically Magnificent model of The Taj Mahal , instantly grabbed my attention. It had an Electrical Circuit fitted, to its base which made it glow up and spread its Radiance when visualized in dark. It was simply awesome, when I got it for an unexpectedly low price, Probably, All I should do is to applaud the person who actually carved it to its form.

The Light Show at the Red Fort, can’t be really described in words. The only way is to experience it in person.

You will surely need some fillings ,to surrender it to your tummy. There’s no other way you can last longer. You can undoubtedly go for the followings:

1). Pao Bhaji( Bread & Spicy Aromatic Veggie Mix),


2). Biryaani( An Indian version of Fried Rice, which accommodates spices, condiments, Veggie or Meat(optional), and lots of Aroma that will make you crave for more once you have it!)


3). Choley Bhature (Another Spicy Dish served with chopped onions and Chutney, the main ingredients being a Bread fried(Bhature) & really delicious Black Chickpea Spices Mix!)


4). Imarti and Jalebis( Sweet Dishes at their Best!)

jalebi_imarti jalebi

5). Lassi (A Lot more than Sweetened Yoghurt!)

dsc_0685-2 Masala-Lassi-923x1024

So, Once you’re done refuelling yourself, all you need to go to the adjoining lanes and Check Out some really amazing collection of Bags, Backpacks, Shoes, and a funky pair of Slippers. Some Amazingly Cool Sunglasses will definitely try to grab some of your attention, specially when you closely observe, that they’re actually some Branded Pieces!

Basically, in a nutshell, It is a perfect Blend of Culture, History, Traditions, Food, Shopping Hub, and a perfect outing destination; making you to crave for some more!

Make Sure to carry enough Bucks, that will be enough to satisfy your cravings!


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