Because There should be no ‘But’ between Us!

To talk about and understand Relationships,is obviously not a cakewalk! You ‘Love’ someone.Your partner loves you.


But things may not go so simple. Complexities generally arise when you Fake it on your partner.
Complexities arise when a third fellow breaks in.You blindly deem this person as your true ally and end it messing up every thing amongst Yourselves.
Complexities arise when you are committed to someone,but dont really care,to give a talk or to make a compromise.
Complexities arise when you are stuffed with abundance of self esteem,or may be it will be worthy to call it self obsession.
Complexities arise when you dont let things to work between,you simply go crazy,and dump yourself!

C’mon friends if you really care,what relationship should really mean,its no one other than yourself or may be Your Parents,who could answer it. Give it some thought. Think rationally on each other’s behalf. Never hesitate to Compromise if necessary,afterall your partner needs you at this point the most.
Self esteem is Ok or acceptable,but dont let it become your Self obsession. Be ready to forgive,for you shall be needing the same someday. This will make things work out automatically.
Keep Smiling Hamesha.


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