It is possibly easy to believe others or get carried away by people, what is possibly difficult to maintain ones own stand.

Me and You and many others like us have been clearly influenced by some people or the other. There is no wrong in doing so, but probably it would be better for us if we also follow our own understandings and intellect rather than blindly believing others.

At each point of time some people will motivate you,  some will try to demoralise you of yourself and your ideas and above all some people confuse you like anything.

Can you recall such instances?

Yeah, thats where you find yourself!

World and Life is not easy for anyone.Be it a saint or be it an Entreprenuer, be it a beggar or be it a professional worker, be it a child or be it an old man.

We always find others’ happier than we are, because we always pine for what we are yet to possess. We rarely value what we already possess or have made them possible because of our sincere efforts.

So we must work towards developing a knowhow of ourselves too,apart from getting influenced by others in a positive way as well adopting the requisite qualities to reach the acme of Success!

Be Yourself!

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