The Little piano player


Our train was about to reach New Delhi railway station. The passengers jostled past the compartment. Some carrying heavily loaded luggage, some being twice their size, different coloured bags and suitcases.

Amidst this cacophony, a pleasant piano tone playing the song, ” Tum hi ho”, from the movie Aashiqui 2 ,mesmerised my senses. Initially I thought it to be ringtone of some phone.
It was known to be otherwise, when I radiated my eyes along the diagonal of my seat. He was a kiddu aged somewhat around 10 or 12 , seated patiently on his seat among the rat race to deboard the train. He was holding a black coloured piano with black and white buttons embedded in it. His cute little fingers stroked each key with equal confidence and authority. He played the entire tune flawlessly.

“Brilliant!” , my mind exclaimed.

Extraordinary talents at such tender ages is much beyond worthy of praise.

Inspiration and Motivation is dissolved in the air, all we need to do is, feel the same and incorporate into our Lives!

Small little things can teach big things,but only if we have the thirst for learning.

Keep Learning, Keep Smiling


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