Infront of Your radiating displays :Random Midnight Thoughts


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At the stroke of midnight, when you are awake analysing your life, calculating all posibilties, making determinations, showing your vivid imaginations and extramural talents to none,but yourself, pondering over the day you’ve already completed, planning to make a plan for the days awaiting the Sunrise, thinking hell lot about certain things, which you cannot do much about,but still, ideas and thoughts keep playing hide and seek on the zig zag castles of mind, both optimistic and pessimistic pictures cascading infront of your almost asleep eyeballs and oscillating eyelids, you smile, you weep , you make wierd faces, you infront of the washroom mirror, your very image talks with you, someways making you feel uplifted , somewhere making things tough, some roads are paved to success, some await struggles.

After twenty minutes of just self realisation, you make a smile to yourself, clean your face, brush your teeths and turn off your table lamp, and lie down on the bed saying just a word , “Thank You Lord! “


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