The unknown Stranger!

Its a matter of fact, that perhaps everyday we travel in shared cabs, shared rickshaws, RTVs and other mass rapid transit systems, but either we’re in company with our smartphones or in soliloqiuy. with the earphone buds  stuffed in our ears.
It may sound ironic, but I myself have been doing the same since ages and I think would continue to do the same,not because I am an introvert or confined to myself, but because the people around seem to have lost interest in talking among themselves. They’re pretty engrossed in their “Cellular” activities and work. Being a part of the society, I am no exception to this!

But then, while travelling one day to the metro station , I had somehow missed my earphones at home, and to my surprise, that moment made me realize that the world has certainly changed; while some changes are good, some are not, but one thing is for sure, our talks to the virtual world has made us forget the real world to some extent!

I remember the days, a decade ago, when we were travelling to Delhi in the sleeper coach of the train.
Then, People used to talk, laugh, get angry , get hurt, get rejuvenated, and discuss all sorts of things among themselves. Basically, they used to be in the real world. However, bad or good they frame the political system, however judgemental they may be about sportsperson, politicians, bussinessmen, common men; their used to be a spark in their eyes, when strangers talked their heart to fellow travellers,in association just for the sake of the journey, may not even get to know if they would meet again or not, but at the destination station they would surely shake hands, and grab ‘jhappi’ and say, “Achcha ji, Fir milte hain ji (So, we shall see each other again )”

It is not everyday you notice such instances, but when you do, the silence itself speaks much of the things. Probably, we are too busy to roll our eyeballs around the people sitting next to us. Probably, our virtual aquaintance has somehow taken a leap over our real friends and relatives.
It true that we have all sorts of groups on our social home, but at times we must make a small step ahead to break apart these virtual realities of life!

Basically, we become UNKNOWN STRANGER to ourselves!

Afterall, Man has invented virtual world and let this not become the other way round!
Give it a brief thought whenever you’re sort of ‘FREE’.



5 thoughts on “The unknown Stranger!

  1. Nice Post! I think that with all the technology evolving, humans become more dependent of their devices. Too much that they can’t live without it. In the country that I live, I have to take public transportation to school. It is of very great manners to greet with a “Good Morning”,”Good Evening” or “Good Night” when you get on board and when you get off a “Thank you”. Some people say “Until we meet again, god bless you”. Sometimes people don’t even stuff their ears with ear buds and chat with friends that they have encountered and speaking is necessary in order to pay and/or to ask for your stop. But I have noticed that in other parts of the world, this doesn’t really exist. People just go their own paths without admiring the world or speaking to anybody, which is sad. 😦
    I think that it’s due to all of the wonders of technology, but then again, they are wonders. xD But even then I sometimes get tired of living my life through a computer.
    Sorry for this long reply, I just felt like I had to share my experience with you! Overall I loved your post! It’s very interesting!!! Keep it up. 🙂

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