Being ‘Terminator’


It has been  long time since Arnold’s Terminator had been released. Until Then, the people had no idea how would it look like when machines resembling Humans carrying supenhuman powers mark their presence, connecting the real and virtual worlds. Of course, everyone lovec this movie, a lot. Conner and Terminator became the lipreads of every cinema fan.

Time and again you see the movie and you will find it even more interesting than than before.
I too watched the Terminator 2: Judgment Day , probably the fifth time.

Now, the real pupose of this post pegs from hereon.
I had been travelling on the train and to my surprise I could find “terminators” there too. However, the only difference was they were actually ‘humans behaving like superhuman robots’ ! Strange! The way they entered the coach, stacked their luggage, seated on their respective seats, started some ‘Andro-Humanoid’ conversations, turned on their laptops, stuffed the ear plugs and their finger tips stroked their keys with the required precision, they ate the refreshments without enjoying it, they sipped the soup with ‘human ease sound’ , hardly talked a word with fellow travellers, everything was PERFECT but  PROGRAMMED. Even the calls they attended were done out as if they’re some robots and do not talk anything that’s beyond ‘Programmed Instructions’.

Only thing that I would like to say that “Yes, It is necessary to programme oneself, But its validity should be timed and flexible depending upon our surroundings.”

Afterall, However hard we try to be perfect and mechanised, but we must Not forget that we are HUMANS. IT’S WE WHO CREATE ROBOTS AND MACHINES and Its definitely, Not the other way round, until 2016 and Hopefully it wont be in the near future, as of course you must have watched Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.


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