#InstaTale 2

Random discussions flew across our ears as we sat relatively quiet with respect to our neighbouring ladies in the restaurant.

Talks ranging from politics, business, stocks, latest jwellery collection, novels, teenage administration, fashion and the recent trends, and of course the famous ‘blame game’. 

Probably, none of them noticed that the baby(3 to 4 months old I guess) who appeared to be fixed on to the ‘cradle seat’  was almost going to subside. She leaned a bit and no sooner than she slipped, than one of us grabbed her like anything. Obviously we were strangers to the baby and she started crying but Thank God!! nothing terrible happened to her.

All of a sudden, the gigglings paused and the lavish mood was turned into a serious one! And obviously there were sounds being addressed to the baby’s Mom,like, 

” Ohh Can’t you look at your baby!”,

” Ohh how can you be so careless! “

As If the mother had to bear it all.

The friend who had grabbed her just said one thing, ” She is obviously her Mother but I guess the baby could also be protected by her Mother’s friends if they were’nt so busy of course!!” 

The baby smiled at us, We smiled back and moved out of the restaurant!!


5 thoughts on “#InstaTale 2

  1. No matter what, a mother is always to be blamed for. No one blames the father, friends, family members but just the mother. Can tell from my own experience. But that’s human!! Mothers learn to live with it. The more sensible thing to do is just ignore the haters and rudeness around… 🙂

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    • Its sad but its true to a great extent! Through this post we Hope, people will change this attitude ASAP, because If your Mother has been empowered doesn’t mean you have to inflict it upon her always.

      After all, responsibilities need to be shared to make a society progress!!

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your precious views. Yes, I say it ‘precious’ and I mean it!!

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