Thanks guys!

I logged on to WordPress and it said “You’ve got 100 Followers”. I looked up and said Thank You God! It means a lot to me!

Now, this moment was indeed a big one for a guy who randomly launched his blog a year ago, posted 22 posts on a single day and few days later all of it drowned away like anything! For few months, He was unable to get his nose above the water, but somehow six months later he tried once more.And never stopped! 

He felt that people try to pull off motivation and inspiration, but somewhere down their own lives its these which help them from getting their lives above sunken ditches! And he tried to desseminate his thoughts into the world. The people supported him and helped to get his esteem back!

And this is where ‘Incredible Pie ‘ stands today!  I know, its a bit exaggerated, but it is as it is to me. Thank you once again for supporting me and making me learn a lot more about life, people and thoughts !☺☺☺

Yours for life! 

#Incredible Pie

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