Keep trying!

Are you confident?

Are you Over Confident?

Are you passionate?

Are you overAmbitious?

No, you wont be able to classify yourself. If You are able to do so, you dont need to read this post further. You’re on the Right track!!

For all those who continued, You dont have to worry! I am one among you! Pssss…how can I advice you then!

No I am not gonna burden you with truckload of advices;

I just need you to ask yourself a question,

Can you do anything that you think is really tough? Say you wish to encash dollars out of your blog and you’re a starter as of now. Can you?

Two answers:

1). Yeah!! I can do anything. I can do it on my own.I dont need anybody’s help. :::::::This is Overconfidence and being Over Ambitious.

2). Yeah!! I can do it. Its tough but somehow, I will try and manage it. I will learn and make it someday!::::::This is Confidence and Being Passionate.

After all in the movie ‘Sharabi’ Amitabh Bachchan says

Koshishey aksar kaamyaab hoti hai,

Waade aksar toot jaate hain.


Your trials generally comes out to be fruitful,

But Promises may turn out to be broken!

So keep trying! One day we’ll definitely reach our goals! Probably, Simultaneously!


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