#MissionGreen 2

Scrolling through my newsfeeds, I found an interesting post on how the initiative has been taken up by the school going students of Kota to curb the use of Plastics. 

They’ve all involved in collecting plastics from their home, parks, and adjoining areas in dedicated and segregated bins and collecting them which has proved to recycle about 2250 Kg of plastics within a month with the help of scrap dealers and local authorities.

This initiative is in collaboration with ‘Sagar Mitra’ project. 

I guess, this will definitely be an inspiration for all the Environmental organisations around the world. Please do try to take this initiative to a global level. 

Afterall we have to understand our responsibilities ASAP!

Hats off to you guys! 


4 thoughts on “#MissionGreen 2

      • Yup, we must not be selfish!
        I read it somewhere,
        “The world is not inherited from our forefathers, we have borrowed it from the future generation”
        Won’t we be selfish if we don’t care about others…
        Directly or indirectly, ultimately saving the environment will be help us!

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