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Today, an interesting thing happened to me. I got to know that we have Communication Skills as a subject. I was really excited about it and it turned out to be the way I expected it to be.😄

It was our first class, right? So. Our proffessor gave us a little introduction about himself and then gave us around fifteen minutes to prepare something on “Who Am I” in anyway we wanted. Creative. Casual. Anything. I enjoyed speaking about it. He made my day for sure.

Then it struck me that this could actually be something we, bloggers, should write and post about. Others, (by others I mean you. The readers. The viewers. Anyone.) should write too.

We could comment Who Am I? And provide the link to our Who Am I post, to anyone we want.

No? Well. Sounds fun to me. 🙂

Okay. So, this is what I…

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