In my Mother’s Womb

An extremely beautiful post from my dear friend ‘Kiran’.Its beauty can’t be described any better but by saying ‘ Love you Mumma’!☺👍


Image courtsey GE Healthcare

I loved the mild dim soothing light inside your womb

It was just as I had been transfered from one heaven to another

I was all alone and you was my only world

Hiding and protecting me from this this dangerous outside world

You seemed to troubled when I trembled with loud voices of vehicle horns and firecrackers

The sound of your heart was really a sweet melody

Little me depending on your every heartbeat to be alive

Both of us had a very delicate connection

It was your umblical cord that intertwined around me like a creeper

My lips give a sweet smile when you talk to me.

Caressing your abdomen with love.

My ears desperately longed for your voice to hear.

I can tell how much care you took of yourself just to care me.

Its so difficult to describe the intensity of…

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