#ProjectGreen 4

Innovation driven technologies on Water purification, Saline water treatment and domestic water treatment units have emerged out in bulk since the last decade. A huge emphasis has been laid down on generation of more and more quantity of potable water. Obviously, its good for the upcoming generations, but an unnoticed fact that I would like to bring about is the increasing the wastage of water. 
Irresponsible attitude towards community water programmes and Government schemes is  one of the biggest factors supporting this. In addition to it, another important factor is the peak hour wastage of water. During this period generally the water is supplied in full force and any leakages or irresponsibly opened water taps may lead to enormous wastage of water. 

Many of you might be aware of water shortages in Latur district of Maharashtra. A dedicated train water sponsored by many known personalities was commissioned by the Indian Railways. And nearly all the people were dependent on this ‘Water Train’. Such is the scarcity of water.

Many of the Sub saharan and African countries have been subjected to frequent drought like conditions all the year round. Just try to think about them once before you waste another glass of water by just taking a sip from it and saying,” I am done!”.

It may appear arrogant and harsh but the ultimate truth is WE ACTUALLY WASTE A LOT OF POTABLE WATER, THAN WE CAN CONSERVE.

Just imagine how beneficial it could be, if you save just one litre of water each day! 

1l * 365 = 365l of water is saved by just one individual.

Say One Billion people join this ‘#A_litre _A _day ‘ initiative.

We can conserve 365 Billion litres of water in a year!!

  Also we need to work on the awareness part some more apart from etching the same of grounded realities.

1 post to spread awareness won’t cost you more than 5 minutes in a day! Try it!

Creating Difference calls for action and planning, hand in hand!


Image Source: in.undp.org & Flickr

11 thoughts on “#ProjectGreen 4

  1. A simplest way to save water in the world with no cost as follows:

    Step 1: At a washbasin – Just turn water tap maximum and measure total volume of water in a minute. That’s around 9 liters or more.
    Step 2: There is a knob below every wash basin.
    Step 3: Turn it little to reduce water flow.
    Step 4: Water tap maximum volume of water in a minute should be equal to 6 liters or near it.

    So, you save water 33% or more at the wash basin with no cost, time, or much effort.

    Read full post at http://wp.me/p3dJz1-g9
    Your Well Wisher Program

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