The Perfect Rakshabandhan Gift

The moment I got up early in the morning and turned on the data services,

It was Sakshi Malik all around.

Definitely It is a big moment for the whole of India when there were a series of allegations lined up against the athletes. 

That ,what I realised was , no one cares to even look at your efforts till you prove yourself to be Successful on the so called ‘Expectation Standards’ of the people. They rebuke you, assault you at all steps and try to stop you forever, but Once you pledge not to get inflicted upon by them and move on Inspite of all odds to prove yourself, It is a proud moment indeed!!

Your efforts are worth the accolades.

Congratulations! Sakshi Malik. You are truely an achiever. And its matter of even more pride , that you’ve proved  yourself when your country needed it the maximum!


2 thoughts on “The Perfect Rakshabandhan Gift

  1. वाह शुभाशिष .. बहुत बहुत मार्मिक .. Stay blessed. We are proud Indians where such feelings still alive who needs medals . I am blessed to read this ..


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