That ‘special’ feeling


Image source: via google images

Early morning as the first rays of the Sun filtered through the Green leaves of the trees, with each drop of bright morning dew that trickled through the partly dense canopy of the shady trees, and as the pearl like water droplets on the leaf blades of the little flowering plants shimmered in sheer brightness of the saffron sky, I got up to set my feet into the jogging shoes. Instantly, while scrubbing my shoes off dust in my balcony I noticed a girl pretty good in all aspects, was trying hard to shed some of her extra kilos,the task which the people might have inflicted upon her; however she barely needed it.

She looked pretty gorgeous as the Sun’s rays illuminated her pink cheeks, as her little twirl of hair oscillated in harmony, with every movement of her body. Her red top was marked with sweat patches to a small extent, which indicated her dedication for the work out. Her face was tired, however her hands and legs did show any symptoms of the same. They moved with equal vigour and energy.

A little later, when I came back to collect my towel from the balcony, I noticed that her Grandmaa, probably in her 80s , was trying hard to figure out about the exercise equipment.
Suddenly, I had a glimpse of her feet being raised up to the pedal,by the same girl who was working out few minutes ago.
She helped her Grandmaa to climb up the seat and roll the pedals.
An unexpected smile was spread on grandma’s face. Her wrinkles swung in joy. A child’s innocence was typically showcased on her face. Her grey hairs swung and oscillated as she stroked her feet to turn the pedal.
The girl also accompanied Grandmaa in her smile,making the moment even more beautiful!!



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