Love is in the air!!

His heart started pumping more when she smiled,

His face turned into a paper of emotions as she moved

His hairs started shivering as she caught her having a glimpse of her.

Her eyes met his, and the world around them paused for a while 

It was so unusual, it was so different, it was a feeling, he always wanted to have but probably this was the moment he waited for.

Her curls started oscillating in slow motion, her perfect lips moved up and down making amazing talks,

The words that came out touching her lips seemed to have extracted the flavour of her baby pink lipstick

Her eyes were so beautifully carved that his mind fell short of the apt adjective,

Constantly talking and never stopping were her lips,

And the boy garnered enough confidence but his heart was still pumping, like it was going to be his new life!!

His heart pumped more and more when she smiled.


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