Mused totally!

While sailing across the ocean of contents on social media, you just feel like drowned somewhere amidst the toppling and jumping waves of stories, posts, recommended articles(obviously the sponsored ones!) , hell lot of  videos( with catchy phrases and all glitters to draw up your nerves!), memes, RIPs , Politically torn opinions, development stranded ground zero statistics(that involve just photographs and interviews, not to create a difference, but probably to get enough ratings to attain truckload of advertisements and sponsorships) and featured ‘My story ‘ kinda articles which I feel like, if they originally are the articles of the person depicted, or just created for purely fiction purposes!

You may be spending hell lot of energy by scrolling down the pages, but somewhere down in your mind, after you juggles through the virtual elements, you get exhauseted and then crazy stuffs like this one, arises out of your mind.

Brrrrr…..Got to talk to my mind, is everything okay there.

Thanks that you’ve spend 60 seconds of your life in reading such stuff, which may appear to be Nonsense and stupid, but somewhere when you are done sailing through this vast ocean and land on an island of self thoughts and introspections, you will actually get to relate the most out of this crazy stuff! 

Anyways, Take Care! Bye!


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