#Science&You 7

We always Make efforts to create more and more smiles in our lives as well as in the life of others.

You must have heard about multiplying the Happiness and dividing the sorrows.

How about rooting the worries to their nth times, 

And raising happiness to the power of say n ( which tends to near about infinity).

How to do this?

Try to live even the small moments with your energy and vigour raised up exponentially

and try to dissipate not distribute the worries. To dissipate, Lock your face on a pillow and shout!!!!

as loud as you can!!!

Try to find small reasons for being happy, if you harness thousands of such moments, you will feel much better and your life will be awesome!! Obviously this may take time but you’ve already promised yourself that you wont give up!!

Every one has happiness every one has worries. How you react is the kind of product the reacTion produces.


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