Confessions of a Forgetful Teenager

Once upon a time in teenage…….☺👍Awesome!!



Yo, what’s cracking? Today I’m gonna make the TOP 10 Confessions of a Forgetful Teen!! So yesterday after posting yesterday’s post, I went out with my parents and I was trying to make ideas for today’s post. So I have a little notebook which I always bring with me when I’m outta home and I was taking a look at it and I forgot I already had an idea!!

*I know you don’t care about my coming up with new posts so let’s just begin with the confessions*

DISCLAIMER: I’m not actually like SO forgetful, just a little bit sometimes. I actually remember a lot of thins, people say I have really good memory. But we all forget stuff sometimes! I just thought it’ll be fun to make these confessions because I think whether you’re forgetful or not, we’ve all have experienced these things.

TOP 10 Confessions of…

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