#ProjectGREEN 5

Paper! When I say this you may imagine loads of paper, books, novels, notebooks, Trash Paper, or simply a plain Paper on which you can carve your imaginations by way of your sketches or by decorating your experiences in words.

You will definitely NOT BE ABLE TO IMAGINE THOUSANDS OF TREES BEING SLAIN Mercilessly!! For deriving Paper for you. So, you can have a look

Courtesy: carbonninjas.weebly.com

Now I guess you will think twice before throwing page after page into trash!

Yes, it’s indeed a big issue that is indirectly affecting the environment which in turn is causing detrimental effects on the Natural habitat of the wild animals as well as on the CarbonDioxide Oxygen Balance.

The food chain gets critically disturbed thus leading to an imbalance in the ecosystem.

When virtual and Electronic displays were invented, it strongly posed a challenge to the increasing use of paper and over few decades much success has been witnessed in this regard.Paper consumption was exponentially reduced with digital print media playing a pivotal role,


The current trend in global pattern of paper consumption has been showing an increasing trend! Shockingly, it means the virtual world has actually created more ease to paper printing and in turn there has been a rapid increase in paper consumption.

So, what we can do!

This is what you can do(Click me!)

Well this links to a pdf file by panda.org.

At least try to read it online, Don’t take a printout instead.

So, try and contribute a bit to save paper and the trees.You have to stand for them! They need Us.

Source: Google Images


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