Why not!

​”My eyes were flooded with tears today while watching a reality dance show.It was portraying the relationship of father and son .

Often due to our busy schedule we are not able to give adequate time to relationships.

But once we look behind to our grassroots we release their value.Memories of our past.We may earn Happiness today but past which included our childhood decorated by the boundless love of our parents had in it BLISS which no money can buy.”

Sometimes the reality shows may force you to give a thought to your world and the people around. They may be scripted, but the emotions of the contestants are not at all the fake ones! They give their heart and soul to the competition.

Such moments drive every bit out of you and compel you to ponder over your feelings and somewhere at the bottom of your busily pumping hearts you have engraved your parents. You may not bring it out in open but at the end of the day when you go to sleep,  the fairy tales that your Mom used to tell you to sleep, may cascade in front of your closed eyelids. She used to stir the handfan continuously so that you could sleep in peace.  

Not every person is bad ,probably when we grow up we become too “OCCUPIED” to feel that someone ‘NEEDS’ us even today! 

  • Why not make them smile some more!
  • Why not make them feel strengthened by our small pockets of talk!
  • Why not make them believe that we’re always there for you.
  • Why not we be their innocent,3 year old child once again!


9 thoughts on “Why not!

  1. Hey! I just checked out your blog and I think it’s definitely a great thing to share ideas on relationships these days. Lately, relationships have been affected by many factors and they need to be addressed ASAP. You’re doing an awesome job!


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