#IncrediblePics 12

The first flower shown above is that of APARAJITA:THE UNDEFEATED.

The second flower is that of Hibiscus or Udhool and the leaf adjoining it is Belpatra.

All the above are widely used in Hindu festivals when offering prayers. These flowers are also a part of decorations that the Hindu God and Goddesses are offered by the devotees.

Especially, Aparajita and Udhool are widely used during ‘Durga Pooja’ and ‘Deepawali’.



5 thoughts on “#IncrediblePics 12

  1. good information. aparaajitaa is also known as shankpuspi – great aayurvedic medicine used for brain tonic . It is believed , no one can defeat you if apraajita is planted in your garden/ house.


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