Not another Fitness freak!!

“Get a flat tummy in just few days ” , ” Get Fat to Fab in few weeks”

No, I have no authority to claim such statements! However, you must have come across such ads in TVs , magazines and websites, (Now even in the apps). I dont say that is impossible, but It is too hard for any chubby person to believe. Or may be, the person is suddenly convinced that what had not happened for so long and that he had been trying hard(which often stands out to be a myth), can turn out magically to be true.

No, as far as my personal opinion is considered I wont say, these could ever help you to achieve the feat.

Rather, subjecting yourself to 45 minutes of ‘brisk walking’ ( Mind it, the brisk mode must be maintained) can prove to be more effective than peeling off your adipose tissue by  any other means.


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Why should you belive me? Well this is an obvious question,
( You can definitely question google about the benefits of brisk walking)

PS : No one will pay me for marketing ‘brisk walking’, right!

Until now we’ve been trying all stuffs wherein a fit person with perfectly carved abs suggests  fitness products. And we just tear our eyes apart when he/she showcases a person who was chubby a  few weeks ago, suddenly acquires well developed abs! No, that is definitely not our piece of cake!

FOR YOUR Satisfaction, I assure you I am no such fitness freak. I am a person like you whose belly peeps out a little, every time I wear a tight skinny outfit and get seated. 🙂 🙂

Its often better to hear the things from people like yourself!  I dont say ‘brisk walking’ would build you ‘ six pack abs’ but it would definitely make your health more sound than at present. The fitness mantra lies in the fact that all your body parts are in motion for 45 minutes and your heartbeat increases to an optimum level( its not that you get drenched with sweat and often due to lack of energy succumb to fatigue). It just keeps you moving, utilising your extra fat judiciously and carving a ‘better and fit you’ out of yourself.

I have tried it personally and Its no compulsion. If you have tried and are tired  of others, you must try this one out and probably figure it out for yourself!

Yoga is an additional bonus to your fitness schedule if you want to keep proper co-odination between mind and the body.

Tomorrow on 21st June, is the International Yoga day. You can utilise this opportunity to get yourself well off with Yoga and the ‘Asanas’ that you need.
Stay healthy, stay happy


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