Why WordPress is different from social media?

To be crisp I won’t consume more of your time as I know those who won’t be reading it till the end and would just click like and scroll down quickly!

So, coming to the point

  • WordPress is not your piece of cake,because to Earn respect you have to create Quality content, or you will get some consolation likes! That’s it.
  • WordPress is where you can’t fool people because they can actually trace if you’ve really visted their site or it’s only the ‘likes’ stats that is popping up, whereas the views are struggling hard to raise their heads above the grassroot level😇
  • WordPress posts are not merely status or pics, but they are much more and an Author puts his whole and soul to conceive a beautiful blend of words and pics to land you in a dreamland of Virtuality with a tinge of Reality.
  • WordPress posts demand opinions,views,constructive criticism and boost up by the fellow bloggers, not because you owe them, But because they live for it! And you got to understand it because you too are a blogger.
  • Last but not the least : Don’t ever try to underestimate the Words of a blogger.


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