7 Essentials to make your efforts Effective

It’s nearly everyday story that you get up early in the morning, freshen up yourself and dedicate an hour of workout for maintaing a healthy body. You drain out enough of sweat and calories everyday to make sure it gets your body into a better shape.

That’s the effort part.

Now comes the effectiveness part!

Huh! I do hell lot of crunches everyday and I am not able to buid up my desired shape, except for it adds to numerous aches all over the body, all throughout the day!!!

Do you ever think like that? Yes, in fact we all do. As a greater matter of fact the same may be widely applied in our other works too.

So, the point to be crisply discussed is ‘How to make it more effective?’

(Crisply because you must be thinking, No one gets along with the efforts turning effective until we actually do it! So let me get the crisp out of it!)


  • Measure your target
  • Break up the target into small elements(Remember when you last downloaded a movie, it was rapid because it was actually download in several parts from different servers! Yeah the same concept applies here)
  • Plan your elements and what are the optimization tools you need to use to make the target more achievable.
  • Proceed confidently.( Belief in oneself is of utmost importance!)
  • Track your progress( This is the most important of all steps, because if you don’t do it, you gradually loose faith in your actions and that would be the worst part)
  • Praise your efforts every moment,if not at least every day!  You have marched one step more towards your target.
  • Learn from the stories around you(Probably, better to focus on characters, because you never know you may find someone like you!)

Bon voyage! All the Best!


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