Compliments vs. Insults

Over the years, all of us have experienced various life instances some sweet some bitter.
Our deeds have been similarly rated by the people around us, we get compliments if we do something that is ‘GOOD IN THE EYES OF THE others’ and the same people dont forget to insult us when we do something that is ‘Not so good’ in their eyes.

Its a well known fact and probably I am not the first person telling you these. For we have ‘equally good advisers’ in the society!

So, how do you actually talk about and let your personality get effected by these ‘Compliments’ and ‘Insults’?

Do you forget your insults? No you dont. No one does.

Do you remember the compliments? Seldom.

Why is there a difference? We tend to forget the good things and remember the things that have once hurt us.


There’ s a simple reason and you can get it quickly.

Have you ever asked a kid not to go to a place where he/she is likely to fall down or get hurt? Does the kid obey you? He always wants to go to that place because you’ve actually told him not to do so. That restriction on him turns out to transform into his curiosity.

Similarly, when you tell a teenager that drinking milk is good for him/her. He never wants to do that. Tell him/her not to have frequent pizzas and he shall do the reverse.

Similar is the case with compliments and insult.
We think a lot about insults, days and weeks in fact!

How long we think about the moment when someone had once praised us or complimented us for something good that we’ve done?
A moment, An hour , at max A day.
And here lies the solution.

We need to Think equally about the compliments we recieve and the insults we face.

Because both of them definitely teach us something that will come out help us sooner or later, in the journey of our lives.


6 thoughts on “Compliments vs. Insults

    • That’s definitely true, but we must at least try to layer the positive registers above them. Its very tough ww know, but at least we can try!!

      Also we can try to make others inculcate these, because there are so many people to ditch you and make you frown, but very few who can make you smile!! 🙂

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      • Exactly,initially I was v sensitive,later developed a thick skin,it dont bother me much now,and u r rite that a lot of them are to hurt and a very few to make you smile:),started morning with a good thought.

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