From the Window seat!!

The train rattled past the metal tracks, through some amazing landscapes and even Amazing people.

They reflected much more than they could have ever absorbed. Something that may be beyond realisation and rational thinking. Something that’s an integral part of all of us’ but we fail to acknowledge the same !!

And as I looked out of the window, I could see a Father holding hand of his daughter and  probably telling her the stories of the world. 

Making her realize the beauty of Nature,the tranquility hidden in the smell of the soil, 

the essentials of becoming a good human being,the importance of Education, 

the intricacies in childhood that she needed to learn, the world and the people , 

that there are loads of Bad people but also there are enough of good people, as well!

That we need to find out the actual one!!

The little girl smiled and  the moment, innocence being the reason!!



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