Sometimes there Are people who actually need it!! Aren’t we mature enough to decide on that part?

Hats off to such people who mark perfect examples of Humanity!!☺👍


I went to the City Mall

Reaching the Food court, I went to KFC Stall

I eyed the crisp chicken and delicious Drinks

The boy handed me, my order with a sweet Wink.

Halfway through my burger, I saw a small Child,

Standing in a corner, I caught her glance and Smiled,

She stood, near her mother, mopping the Floor,

She looked sadly around, she seemed hungry for Sure.

Next to me, sat a group of people Celebrating,

On their table, they had a cake, which they were Eating,

Trays of burgers, pizzas and drinks were served, at their Tables,

They opened a champagne bottle and sprayed each other, with Bubbles.

Then suddenly, one of them, picked up cake Slices,

And started, pasting cake, on each other’s Faces,

I felt repellant, at the waste of food and Money,

They thought they were being hip, but it was’nt Funny.

I saw…

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