Sweet Nothings

More than many things!!😊👍 Try it today!!

Binding Curry

Imagine a life where you have never tasted chocolate before. I know it is ludicrous but stay with me. Now, imagine an instance when you finally see your life’s first chocolate. Everyone says your chocolate is the finest chocolate in the world. You smell it, it is inviting. So you plop it into your salivating mouth and……..yesssss!

Now, you go tell everyone about your raunchy little experience with the world’s finest chocolate. Turns out that your chocolate was also the last piece of chocolate left in this world! Now what do you do?

You get some flour and butter and make pastry; rolling out the dough and slathering spoonfuls of butter layer after layer, remembering the deep layers of that chocolate flavor in your mouth. You then patiently wait for those layers to puff-up into thousands of crisp, buttery, flaky sheets which gets you so excited; so you take a…

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