Kochi: From Spices to Kathakali

Get!! Set!! Travel!! The best of Kochi blended perfectly.. Have a look!! I am sure you’ll be convinced enough to book your tickets today!!!😊👍

What an Amazing World!

Gereja The 17th-Century Church of Our Lady of Life in Mattanchery

Chapter 3, Part 2

On the Malabar Coast in the southwestern corner of the Indian subcontinent lie old trading ports which served as the main gateways for ancient traders and explorers, from China to Persia, from Arabia to Europe. Calicut, Quilon and Cochin – modern-day Kozhikode, Kollam and Kochi – were visited by some of the world’s greatest explorers including Niccolò de’ Conti (a Venetian merchant who chronicled his visit to Vijayanagara during its heyday), Zheng He (the great admiral of the Ming dynasty), and Ibn Battuta (a 14th-century Moroccan traveler and scholar who explored Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and the Far East).

However in the year 1453 a major event unfolded in the crossroads of the Old World, marking the beginning of a new era. For centuries Constantinople’s bazaars were teeming with traders from different nations…

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