The Girl In Red Dress

Because there are some beyond words!!👍Touched!!


She was sitting on the

Window seat, lost in 

Deep thoughts. Dry lines

Of tears, time and again,

Wet, yet, no emotions

In her eyes or on face.

Clutching the hem of her

Red dress, She let the tears

Flow down the cheeks, 

Slightly touching her lips

And dropping down from

Chin. She was done.

She does not feel anything.

Neither the pain, nor the

Hunger, there’s no 

Rumbling or growling.

Only emptiness; yearning

To be filled, yet, not adjuring.

It’s been long,

Since she detested human

Touch. The piercing of

keen and serrated objects

on her body made her

Feel more alive than

The embracing.

She had been flying in

The face of contradicting

Mind sets; setting limits

For her bearing, none

On their filth. The isolation

befriended her.

“Is it my imagination?

Or it happened for real?”

There was blood,

Blood on her hands,

Of own potential drives…

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