The swing!!


She leaned towards the swing,

And her feets tiptoed with every oscillation,

Few little steps and she was seated,

Looked like a small,innocent world she had just created,

Enabled were her senses, smiles blossomed on her face,

Beyond the world of people busy in the rat race,

She made an arc, yet another arc, an yet again,

Her little hairs swung in unison, her face brightened with every oscillation,

A gentle breeze just escaped past her smooth skin,

The feeling was more than bliss,

Because she sat on the lap of her Father,

And her Father was her swing buddy!!😊

I could hardly say anything was stumped by this beautiful Father-Daughter Relationship!!


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17 thoughts on “The swing!!

  1. Arrey waah😊
    You write very well,Vivek!
    I loved the way you expressed this father-daughter relationship.
    But boy! If you don’t mind,i’d like to make some corrections hereπŸ™ˆ
    Feets and hairs! Silly boy,it should be feet and hair! Don’t mind okay? Otherwise beautiful post! 😊


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