What to do exactly, when you want to do ‘Nothing’?

At times, we just want to throw ourselves into the Bed and slam our faces into the Pillow and shout out loud(). Probably, not many outside your room can hear you, but wait!can you hear yourself?

This is the time when we want to do ‘Nothing’. Now this is really weird how to do Nothing!!

Basically, if I peel it off, it basically means You don’t want to do anything productive!! Or you dont want to do anything that is usually a part of your daily schedule.

‘Ya! kind of’, you must be thinking what the heck, is he trying to explain!! And then suddenly a miniature form of yours, jumps out infront of you!! And then you start conversing(most of which shall be answered by the miniature you!! As you don’t want to do anything,Right?) So the queries:

1.Why this Kolavari D??

 Probably, because I have been doing the same since long,


 there’s no element of ‘Happiness’ in what I have been doing!! 


 I have literally screwed up myself in fooling around!!

2.What to do?

Probably, I should take a break! Probably, I should shatter the monotony. Probably, I should stop trying to be what others want me to be and be What I am!!

3. How to do?

Have I collected enough pocket money to offer myself an excursion? Okay!I can manage. Now who to go alongwith? Friends,will they agree? They will assume me to be crazy!! Oh!let it be. Why not it can be a solo trip? Yeah!! It can be.

No, I don’t have enough pocket money but I have loads of movies in my hardDisk. So may be I can travel the world through some travel flicks!!

4. Will it work?

Oh!!lets just do it. Its better than playing blame games!Right?

5. But I just don’t want to do anything?

Ohh!! C’mon. I don’t have to do anything, my soul will!!

6. Okay! Excursion done! Both in real as well as in the virtual world!what next?

Ohh!! I really miss everyone at work! Let’s catch up tomorrow! 

No! I don’t want to do that. Should I pen down all my experiences!! Yeah!! I will do that!! For sure!!

So that’s how you did lot when you didn’t want to do anything!!

Just Zing!!



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