It’s trending but are you comfortable?๐Ÿ˜ฃ

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Have you ever seen some people(or may be yourself)dressed in amazing yet skimpy clothes?
Have you noticed the actions of a guy who is wearing a pair of ultra narrow jeans( may also be deliberately(yes! Deliberately) torn at various places!) And is in quick need to find a corner to adjust his balls?

Have ever noticed a girl who seems to have copied her dress directly from the fashion shows(yet her facial expressions show that she’s not as confident as the models on the ramp!)?

Yes! All the observations point towards a single point agenda.

Are you comfortable in whatever you’re wearing? Or you’ve just tried to mug up the trends and push your body parts into it?

So many questions!Right?

Now a single but powerful answer.

We must wear whatever we’re comfortable in, no matter how old the trend may be. 

Okay!! I understand you want to look cool and copy your favourite stars. But have you ever noticed why do they look cool in every attire they’re dressed in?

It’s because they do not wear readymade clothes, if fact they wear the outfits that are specially designed by Fashion Designers as per their body.

We, on the other hand don’t wear designed clothes(except for really affluent people out there!). We wear clothes of specific sizes and try to get into the same. In doing so we often compromise with our comfort zone.

(Remember the situation, when we forcefully agree to our friends when they say,’Hey! You look damn cool’ . But they may not be knowing that somewhere its pricking you๐Ÿ˜€!! 

And the worst part is when you agree to go for your comfort side and someone criticises you ‘ Hey! What a loose fit you’re wearing!! Try something skimpy and Sexy! And you’ve no other choice but to sacrifice your comfort for just the sake of looks.)

Yes! Clothes really define your personality, but what if you loose the same when you’re not so comfortable and hence your confidence struggles hard to find a peak!

I mean to say assume two situations.

  • When you’re at hostel dressed in worst of your worst(But Comfortable) dresses, holes, scratches and what not!! And you’re still so confident that the people would rarely mess with you! And guess what! They really don’t!!Hahaha.
  • You’re on a date. You dress the best way possible. You use the best perfume ever(which you don’t really care about on usual days!). Yet, when you face your girl all your confidence vanishes(Not applicable on Studs!!๐Ÿ˜€) Also you may not find it so comfortable to say those three magical words in suit and a tie rather than saying the same in easy clothes!(I don’t really know that!!What say? Well! I had read it somewhere that most proposals are accepted on usual days rather than on a date! Confidence!!Huh๐Ÿ˜Ž)

Now under these situations you can see a comfortable dress boosts up your confidence like anything.

In a Nutshell, I seriously feel that Dressing(whatever the trends may be!) should’nt be compromised with comfort and confidence!!

Please comment your views!!


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