Health Freak Breakfast Muffins

A perfect and quick Morning Breakfast For health freaks !! 😊👍

Binding Curry

What comes to my mind when I think about muffins? Blueberry Muffins! And, of course, ‘muffin top‘ (if you know what I mean). Hence, sometimes my sweet cravings take a detour and I wish for all things salted, spiced-up and filled with cheese! On searching for recipes for savory breakfast muffins, I found three amazingly simple ones, all delectable, and much healthier compared to their sugary alternatives. I couldn’t decide the best out of the three, so, I’ll be focusing on all of them, one at a time, in a three-part series on Savory Muffins.

The first recipe belongs to the blogger Anvita who is behind this incredible blog called The Belly Rules The Mind, which is all about developing healthier eating habits and making smarter food choices. What’s interesting about her recipe is that she has completely replaced flour with semolina or sooji, hence the…

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