iPhone7 IS NOT EQUAL to your Kidney!! 

Since the launch of I Phone 7 there has been lot of buzz about the latest addition to the Apple Family. Furthermore, it has been supplemented by some very innovative and thought provoking features specially the wireless earplugs.

source: Inshorts

Now that you must be aware of the features and the looks that the new iPhone offers, it must be made sure whether it is within your finances or Not!! Right? 

Obviously, every tech savvy person on Earth dreams of and tries to own an iPhone someday but I have seen for the last few days that the social network had been flooded with memes and jokes about ‘SELLING ONE’S KIDNEY TO BUY AN iPhone’ and believe me when I scrolled through those, IT WAS NOT AT ALL FUNNY!

I mean seriously, how can someone even imagine to do this, Not even for the sake of joke. That is totally wierd and definitely not a matter of Joke.

So, this post is more of a concern than an ordinary article.

Please Guys!!!!! Its a humble request, Don’t ever try to say this as a joke.You never know what the other person make take it as. You Can’t!!! You Just Can’t compare the body that Almighty and your Parents have given you to any gadget.

 Don’t be insane and Value the blood that is flowing in your veins!!

Share and spread the word!! Obviously, it can be helpful in saving someone’s life!!


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