Why Engineers?

When you say ‘Development’, what does exactly come into your mind? 

  • Well developed network of Transport network, be it smooth traffic highways or high speed Railways.
  • Furnished high rise buildings, with appealing looks and decent designs.
  • Industrial setup and factories making best of the best automobiles, Food processing equipments, and incredible robots.
  • Well developed Schools, Colleges, Technology Parks and Talent Incubation Centres.
  • Bridges and Other amazing superstructures which give you an ‘open mouthed’ feeling!
  • The virtual world which is able to do nearly all the things that are expected in the real world, gadgets,appliances.

All these are and more of it would be possible with the help of Engineers.

Just walk out of your doors and you will find yourself surrounded by Engineering marvels. Even a bottle of water is an Engineering marvel because some one had designed the bottle, the threads in the cap etc.

Even if you are in your room,you are still surrounded by incredible inventions concepted by Scientists and realised into their present form by Engineers and Craftsmen.

Take pride if you’re an Engineer!! You are a Creator.

Happy Engineers’ Day!! 


4 thoughts on “Why Engineers?

  1. Yes, I too have great respect for Engineers. The Best Dedication to Engineering can be given to The British Soldiers who were imprisoned by the Japanese and forced to build a Bridge on the River Kwai.
    The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957)
    Please see this movie to Appreciate the Engineering Skills of the British.

    India is Thankful to the British Engineers, who have left so many Bridges, Monuments and Railway Stations with so Perfect an Engineering.

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