Is there a Leonardo Dicaprio within each one of us?

From Titanic to The Revenant, it would absolutely not have been cakewalk for the actor we all know today.

That people love you is a support, but my friend the world has set really high status for being recognized as Successful.

Leonardo has been phenomenal in most of his films. His acts have left us awestruck lot of times, whether its a romantic and Chocolate boy character in Titanic, or an absolutely brilliant and Profound masterpiece in The Shutter Island.

However, despite his marvellous performances in varied genres, it took him long but really fruitful years to get to the Oscars.But obviously, when you give your best, you get the best. The Revenant really deserved him an Oscar and hopefully he achieved the same.

He has also been an avid Environmentalist supporting the cause of Awareness on Climatic changes over the years.

So, coming to the question,

Is there a Leonardo DiCaprio within each one of us?

Probably, yes!

It’s because we too have been working all the years and may be, we are yet to get an Oscar-Equivalent recognition in our lives.

It may be that just like Leonardo had enough of support from his fans all the years, there are some fantastic people around to support us at every step that we take.

Why not we can try like Leonardo did?Inspite of being denied at the Oscars for so many years, He worked equally hard for each of his movies, which eventually turned out to be Blockbusters.

It takes huge pain to accept the levels of success that you expected but you could not get. But its definitely not the sign to stand aside and wait for others to console you, but eventually you should make these  ‘others ‘ believe that yes! He is not done yet!! 

The movie is yet to conclude!!

And when it gets concluded make sure you have your ‘Oscar’ in hand like Leonardo has!!


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