What Is Love? ❤

Can it be defined better?

Mysterious Soul

Love is not just exploring good qualities of each other. It is also accepting flaws in him/her with an open heart and guiding them for their betterment and progress. The real happiness lies is seeing your loved one ameliorating in their life.

Love is not loving each other from outside. Love is caressing each other implicitly and hugging their soul and sticking to it forever. It’s an internal connection shared by two hearts indubitably where no point of uncertainty lies.

Love is not being present with them for a journey. But it’s a matter of holding hands in hands for the lifetime. The loved ones are ready to walk together forgetting the whole world.

Love is not imposing possession on them. But love is a perpetual feeling of being ensure of your beloved one to be yours eternally. A true relationship where no sense of insecurity lies. The true love…

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