Don’t think much! Be YOU!!😊


I am my own best friend
Because even though I know myself
I still love myself.
Sounds egotistic?
Not to me

When you have been pushed to the edge
Not only of hating yourself
But of being disgusted by your own face
Loving yourself has a lot to do with being in another place.

So when I say
“I love myself
I care for myself
I know myself”
Never think for once that I am being egotistical
I say that cause for so long
I did the opposite in the comfort of my own home
So stop calling me narcissistic
When all I am trying to do is build a resistance.

En Español:

Yo soy mi mejor amigo
Porque aunque me conozco
Todavía amo a mí mismo.
¿Suena egoísta?
No para mí

Cuando se te ha empujado hasta el borde
No sólo de odiarte
Pero de ser disgustado…

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