Modern Dating

Just A Small Town Girl...

These days it’s all about the chase,

The chase and having the perfect poker face.

We all know the game,

The rules never change.

Like a match of chess,

Only this causes more stress!

We act like we’re unavailable; so mysterious,

Keeping them guessing, keeping them curious.

Trying to play it cool,

So as not to look the fool.

Never communicating what we really want to say,

Never responding to messages straight away.

And we need options, can’t be talking to just one,

Monogamy is tough and commitment is no fun!

So we don’t get in too deep,

We’re afraid to take that leap.

We don’t say that we care,

Why over-share?

It’ll blow up in our face,

So we remember our place.

We hold back,

Trying to suss out if they’re fiction or fact.

Either way we know how to protect our hearts,

For years now we’ve been masters of that art.

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